Monday, May 26, 2008

Reverse Birthday Fun

Upon hearing that her daddy would be turning 52 on May 25th, Abby chirped that it was her daddy's reverse birthday. Consequently, the name stuck and while there was no official theme (other than the aside on the invite) reverse birthday was on the lips of many throughout the day. Here are a few pictures of family and dear friends who helped Abby's daddy celebrate.

l-r Here's Blaine (my sister Kate's friend); my little sister Kate; and her eldest, Haley, who happens to share the 25th of May as a birthdate and who turned 20.

l-r Haley's boyfriend, T.J.; Doreen Wigderson, my father, behind my father's head Bill Wigderson and his wife Molly (who made some really incredible potato salad) and my Aunt Sue.

Blogging buddy (and co-UWM graduate) James Wigderson and his cute little girl, Maura.

l-r In the front, facing away is Will, Doreen and James' little boy; that's my wife's little sister Kim holding up our little angel, Quin; and my other little sweetheart, Abby.

l-r Four old codgers and one lovely lady ... Tim Heilman; the birthday boy; Steve Kissinger and his wife Lynn; and Dave Fellenz.


Zach W. said...

Great pictures...thanks for sharing.

capper said...

Happy belated, old boy. But is reverse birthday just an euphenism for going down hill?

Other Side said...

Of course, being over-the-hill so to speak.