Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Guns and Cowboys

I'm guessing it was a couple of "Bubbas". From ESPN:

DALLAS -- Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin says he calmly chatted with a gunman in another vehicle after the armed passenger turned out to be a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Irvin, who was not harmed, says he was "very afraid."

A Dallas police report says Irvin was stopped at a red light Monday night when two men in a truck pulled up next to him.

The driver rolled down his window, so Irvin did the same, thinking the two men recognized the radio talk show host and television commentator.

The passenger flashed a gun. Then the retired NFL star heard one of them call out his name and mentioned being a "huge Cowboy fan."

Irvin says he began talking with the men about the team's disappointing 9-7 season and Dallas not making it to the Super Bowl.

The pair eventually drove off.
This is exactly why conceal and carry should not be passed here in Wisconsin. For every responsible gunowner there is a dipshit (a number of local bloggers would be included in this description) who thinks what happened to Michael Irvin is funny. Unfortunately, what those who rally for conceal and carry forget is even one incident like this is too much.


Dad29 said...

There are a few large missing elements in that story--like what does "flashed a gun" actually mean?

Was the bubba just putting the damn thing into the glove-box? Moving it from his hip to the dashboard?

I don't blame Irwin for being concerned. But I think you're blowing this up a bit.

Other Side said...

You know, I knew you would leave a comment.

Your comments are all possible sequences of events. However I think you're downplaying it a bit.

Hope your holiday season was spectacular.

James Wigderson said...

Was it Cris Carter?

Other Side said...

Cris Carter doesn't remotely look like a Bubba. Maybe Terry Bradshaw, though his fondness for Cowboys is suspect considering his Super Bowl record.

Dad29 said...

What I tried to point out was that there ARE a lot of 'possible sequences of events' which are not addressed.

Same to you, Christmas-wise!

capper said...

What is equally, if not even more, frightening, are the wannabe Dirty Harry's that would say, "Well, I would've pulled my piece and taught that punk something."