Monday, November 10, 2008

Proudly Banned

Linked over to Real Debate Wisconsin from Brew City Brawler to see what Fred had drooled on the sick day issue. Saw this immediately:

Banned by webmaster. Your comments will not be added.
Ha ha. The coward. As I wrote previously, my posting one comment every three months at that racist site won't be missed by me.

One thing, though. Fred often paints himself as the victim and that everyone is bashing him for absolutely no reason. Because, you know, he's a reasonable guy. Yet, the very first sentence in his latest opus says this:

Those of us in Racine would like to thank the voters in Milwaukee County for being stupid enough to raise their sales taxes by 1%.
Italics mine. Fred likes to refer to people as idiots, stupid, ridiculous, etc. every chance he gets. Apparently he believes this to be a part of real "debate." In reality, it's a sign of insecurity.

We will continue to expose Fred's inanity on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

Badger Blogger is up to the same tricks, banning me for questioning why they completely ignored Peter's death threat/wish for terrorist attacks and instead just promoted his new blog

Dave Reid said...

I don't think I've been banned over there yet, but it sure would save me from wasting time!

John Foust said...

Too often in today's political landscape discourse is kept among those who agree. This is not a blog to promote that. We discuss ideas here, we ask that you keep your tone in check and respect those who are willing to share. We're also open to those who like to call people names like idiot, retard, lib-tard, pretty much anything like that.

capper said...

For crying out loud, everyone gets banned but me. And I'm supposed to be the frickin' King!

Harrumph! I hate that kind of favoritism.