Monday, November 3, 2008

Who's Unethical

Fred Dooley, owner and operator of the amusement blog, Real Debate Wisconsin, has a problem with unethical behavior. And well he should. Unethical behavior is something that should be stamped out. Especially when it's a blogger doing it because the actions of one do affect the actions of the others.

More on this later in this post -- read on.

Red State, a nationally-known conservative blog reported this little tidbit this morning at 8:36 am.

The Democrats are passing out a flyer in Wisconsin that tells people just how easy to vote in Wisconsin.

One of the bullet points is this:

No proof of residence? You can still register to vote if you bring an eligible voter from your municipality who shows proof of residence and affirms that you live at your address.
There is just one problem. That's not the law in Wisconsin. Having a character witness cannot get you registered to vote.

But who cares. Law, scmaw as far the Democrats are concerned.
The problem with this is, as pointed out by one of Red State's commenters, it's inaccurate. Just to provide proof (you know, for the sake of truthiness) of what the flyer from the Obama/Biden campaign said, below is a scan.

Now, let's go to page 27 of the Election Day Manual for Wisconsin Election Officials. It states:

Corroborating Witness
If an Election Day registrant or a voter with an “ID required” notation is unable to provide proof of residence, they may have another qualified elector of the municipality corroborate his or her residence by signing the Voter Registration Application (EB-131) as a witness. The corroborator must be a qualified elector of the municipality and provide proof of residence. The corroborator is not required to be a registered voter.
There's more, but the gist of the flyer is absolutely accurate. Turns out those Democrats are actually quite ethical.

Hmmm. Kind of makes you wonder where Red State got this wrong information? Why, the link to the source is right there in the body of the text. The link encompasses the words “...are passing out a flyer in Wisconsin.” And where does the link lead to -- nowhere anymore because the offensive post has been deleted. But before that deletion occurred, the link quite clearly jumped to here:

Say it ain't so Joe the Plumber. Fred Dooley at Real Debate Wisconsin is playing fast and easy with ethics? Yep. Fortunately, due to the timely actions of a local person, we have the text of the original Dooley post.

The attached document is encouraging activity in violation of Wisconsin's already loose election law.

I quote, "No proof of residence? You can still register to vote if you bring an eligible voter from your municipality who shows proof of residence and affirms that you live at your address."

Sorry folks, they made that up. Here is a link to the State of Wisconsin Elections Board rules, nowhere does showing up to register with someone to vouch for you come into play.

This flyer was paid or by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin so they are obviously complicit in encouraging people to break election law.

Why do Democrats keep trying to cheat?

Why won't any of the major media call them on it?

Can you imagine the outroar if Republicans were passing fraudulent information about Wisconsin election law? Hell, they are after AG Van Hollen for daring to ask the "accountability" board to follow the freaking law.

The unethical Democratic party is at it again, and they'll continue to get away with it until enough people raise hell about this problem.
All gone.

Nowhere to be found.

Vanished into thin air.


Of course, it's not the first time either. Next time Fred has anything to say about anything, don't you believe him. I'll bet Red State will think twice.

I think Fred deserves a big old F-bomb for this prank. Thanks Fred, for making us all look bad.

Update: Zach has a nice take on this, though he stole borrowed my bomb picture.


capper said...

Give him time. He is sure to blame it on those dang union thugs.

jimspice said...

I'd been planning on speechifying on the beauty of the "strikethrough" built into web markup, only to get to end to see that I'd be preeching to the choir.

So here's my vote for leaving stupid mistakes in place as a public mea culpa and a nod to humility.


Other Side said...

Fred does tend to jump before looking, but I think he miscalculates here. Sure we'd make fun of his goof, his faux outrage, but I think there would also be a modicum of respect if he simply had admitted his error.

None as it is.