Monday, December 1, 2008

More Silliness from Fred Dooley

So, little Miss vast right wing conspiracy is going to be the new Secretary of State.....

Little Miss I was under fire when she wasn't is going to be our face around the world.

Little Miss can't even deal with the opposition party is now supposed to deal with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez.

I really don't have the words to describe how I feel about this...

Scared comes to mind.
The jarring sentences above were posted at 12:52 pm by our "good friend", Fred Dooley. I assume he was trying to make a point, however after reading the post, I can't help but wonder one of two things: 1) Why is Fred drinking at 12:52 pm and 2) Maybe he's not drinking. Oh my.

Fred, you need either increase your Antabuse dosage, or find an editor.


Zach W. said...

Fred and his band of merry men & women are always good for a laugh.

capper said...

He's just clinging to his bitterness.