Monday, December 15, 2008

Shoe Thrower to be Given Tryout by Brewers

Rumor has it that the Milwaukee Brewers are considering giving the Iraqi journalist who threw two shoes at President Bush a tryout for the 2009 season. Even though Muntader al-Zaidi missed the President, the hope is that he will find it easier to throw a basbeall accurately. With CC Sabathia already signed by the Yankees, and Ben Sheets not likely to return to the Brewers' rotation, there is a need for mining new talent, so to speak.

The source also noted that Iraq is a largely untapped region for baseball talent and perhaps some of the bomb throwers living there might be convinced to try a less lethal sport.


Dad29 said...

Huh. WRONG-O, LeftyBreath!

Ted Thompson signed him first.

Other Side said...