Friday, July 4, 2008

I Should Have Brought My Camera

I spent the evening with my two children and the Mike Mathias family watching the (incredible) fireworks from Juneau Park, and thinking up new ways to hate America, its troops and conjure up more creative ways to raise taxes. Because, you know, that's all liberals want to do.

Actually, beyond laughing at the silliness and the inanity of conservative thought, we actually did spend some time thinking about what we like about our country. It's an incredibly beautiful land. An eclectic variety of nationalities are represented; it's truly still the great melting pot. And, we are very fortunate to live here at this time in history rather than, for example, Iraq.

America, a place where we don't have to worry about roadside bombs; just crazed conservatives with gun lust and poor sprelling and grammar skills. Happy birthday, America.


Dad29 said...

I take it no one shot at you last night.

That's because we were all at the Secret Meeting and the agenda was Eliminating LeftyWackos.

We determined that we don't have enough ammo--yet.

That's because some damn fool burned a few dozen rounds on 28th/Wright last night.

Other Side said...

Dad, have a great Fourth holiday. Even though we snipe at each other, still like ya. Going over to Wigdersons today for party.