Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You're a Funny Guy

I've not been very active in the blogging business of late. Rather, I've spent most of my diminished blogging time reading and commenting at some of the many fine local blogs. And there are quite a few. On the liberal side, folkbum's rambles and rants, Pundit Nation, The Happy Circumstance, Blogging Blue, Illusory Tenant, Waxing America, and The Brew City Brawler, to name a few. On the right side, Wigderson Library & Pub, The Dave Casper Experience, From Where I Sit and [even] dad29, despite his homocidal tendencies (misspelling intentional) are good reading. I also enjoy The Electric Commentary.

[Note: I missed a few. Sorry. It was late. You know who you are. It was unintentional.]

Every once in a while I wander over to another blogger who has the ability to be a good writer, but most of the time succumbs to being a mutt. I'm speaking of the author of the famous “chattering chihuahuas” line, Peter DiGaudio of Texas Hold'em Blogger fame.

I have read many of his posts (in the past, not of late) and have marveled, on rare occasion, at how succinct he wrote and how well he made his point. The unfortunate thing is I cannot remember a single one because most of his time is spent making crude not-so-funnies at the expense of others, mostly liberals. His excuse being they do it so neener neener.

And, when it comes to hypocrisy, DiGaudio is aces. He is absolutely the leader of the pack.

His latest mockery was a July 14th spiel about the hateful lefts' response to the death of Tony Snow. DiGaudio cherry-picked a number of comments from Daily Kos that were, let's say, unkind to Snow's passing. I thought they were, too.

My thoughts of the man in hindsight are few. I did not really pay attention to him. He was a spokesman for the Bush administration so he probably bent the truth at their behest on a number of occasions. The “I was only following orders” defense as been ruled insufficient. But I have also read that he handled his assignment with dignity and his illness with grace and that he was respected by his peers. So be it.

The comments at Daily Kos were uncalled for ... but truthfully, they were pretty lame compared to some of the trash I've seen. I mean come on. Yelling at a hapless family of Hispanics to speak English and calling them chattering chihuahuas to their face I guess does not compare to calling Snow a voice for profiteers. Oooh. That was ... well above the belt, about chest high.

There will always be some who go too far. That is unfortunately the nature of blogging these days. But DiGaudio is the master of the broad brush, so of course you know that all the left is guilty for the crimes of the few. It's idiotic. It's how DiGaudio thinks. What is most hypocritical are the yips of righteousness that issue from his keyboard. Here is what he writes:

Few if any references to Chappaquiddick, lines such as “Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment” were pulled out of respect. We avoided obvious remarks like “Such is the end result of too many three Chivas Regal lunches.” We even dropped the reference to The Swimmer in our coverage of it.
Pulled out of respect?

Avoided obvious remarks?

Dropped reference to the Swimmer?

DiGaudio notes that these references were missing from the expressions of sympathy for Kennedy. He provides no examples. However, I can just imagine local conservative bloggers going out of their way for the Senator, his family and liberals. It's touching. How fortunate that we have Peter DiGaudio to lead the way in class and decency.

Ted Kennedy better die soon so he and we can reap the beneficence of the saintly DiGaudio and his gang of do-gooders. In the meanwhile, it's bar the doors because the shit is gonna keep flying.

Give. Me. A. Break.


capper said...


Your mistake is expecting the right, especially people like Peter, Paddy, and Captain Blowhard to show introspection. And even if, on the extremely long shot, that they would take a long look at themselves, they still wouldn't recognize the problem.

PaulNoonan said...

Thanks Mr. Otherside. Consider yourself Blogrolled. (Under Politics.)