Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thuggery in Conservative Suburbia

How many blog posts do you think will be written by right-wingnuts now that Waukesha and Pewaukee, hotbeds of self-righteous conservative concern for “thugs” in Milwaukee, have been identified as havens for heroin use leading to the deaths by overdose of at least five young adults.

Heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine ... it doesn't matter who uses, white or black. Addiction will overcome whomever.


capper said...

White, exburbian kids can't be thugs, they're just misunderstood. Don't forget about all the kids from that region that have either died or killed someone as a result of drunken driving.

Dad29 said...

Drove past your place yesterday, OS.

Actually at less than 35 MPH...!!


Sounds like an argument to make cars illegal. You must be a lefty.

Other Side said...

You should have stopped. You're always welcome and I would like to meet you anyway.

Dad29 said...

Only trouble was that you didn't have an extra-large-lettered "LEFTY FOR OBAMA HERE" sign at the roadside.

Other Side said...

I'll get right on that.