Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Response to Brookfield Director of Public Works

I've already received a response from Thomas Grisa, Director of Public Works for Brookfield. He writes of a "traffic calming policy" that is in the works and may become effective in a couple of months. My reply to his politically correct, do nothing response is below.

Mr. Grisa,

Your response is no different than those I received previously. In fact, I dare say it's identical to the one I received last summer regarding calming policies. A couple of months from now? With luck there won't be any fatalities. I have posted my previous letter at my blog (http://othersideofmymouth.blogspot.com) and at James Wigderson's (http://wigdersonlibrarypub.blogspot.com). While mine won't likely garner much attention, I can assure you that James' will as he is also a Waukesha Freeman columnist and his blog is one of the most widely read in SE Wisconsin.

I'm sorry, but your politically correct response just won't do. I would like some more immediate action taken to ensure no other child is injured by reckless drivers on Fiebrantz.

Timothy Rock


Aaron said...

Traffic calming?

Great. Now they'll be putting sedatives in our gasoline.

Other Side said...


Billiam said...

Wanna borrow my duct tape? Just askin'... We could also make some spike strips. However, Aaron's thought is much better than my flippant quips..