Saturday, April 12, 2008

Short Week Review

It's late Saturday night. Nothing of real importance to blog about so I will blog about the couple things on my mind before I hit the sack. More than enough anyway.

Kelly and I and the baby went to visit friends earlier this evening. While there I picked up a copy of Masters of Orion 2, one of the best computer games ever made in my opinion. My copy had become too scratched to load some time ago and I did not feel like doing a digital download for $9.99 until I explored all options. Greg had a copy, now if only I can figure out why I cannot load the version 1.31 patch. Can't wait to tackle those Antarans again, plus it's a great multi-player online game.

Thursday morning, Kelly alerted me to an ambulance and fire engine parked across the street at our neighbors. I later learned that Elaine, the block grandma for virtually every kid in the area had suffered a stroke. She is one of the kindest women I've ever known. Her husband, Don, is quite special too. Kelly and I took the baby there early this afternoon to see how Don was holding up. There is not much hope, but was told no one is giving up. Don told me they have lowered her temperature to just above freezing, however he was not sure what that was intended to do. He did say that he was told that just five years ago this kind of stroke would likely have been considered lethal. Our thoughts are with Elaine, Don and their family.

Oddly enough, later that day about 1:00 pm I began feeling uncomfortable. I checked my heart rate and it felt irregular, and I was beginning to feel pressure in my chest and neck. After about twenty minutes I decided I should call my wife. I got up and nearly fell. Fortunately she was by the phone and left immediately, but not until after getting a promise I would dial 911 if I felt any worse.

She took me to Froedert where it was determined I was suffering from the same ailment as back in Sept. 2006 ... my heartbeat continued to be irregular, but more ominously, it had sped to 170 beats a minute. They considered dosing me with a drug that actually stops the heart momentarily. I was not in favor of this. They injected me with this drug in Sept. 2006 and it was extremely unpleasant. Imagine that all blood circulation has ceased. Beginning at the extremities, a feeling of approaching blackness occurs ... then it's gone. Back to normal. I imagine this is what death might feel like ... blackness overwhelms, a shudder, then you're gone.

Anyway, the idea is to restart the heart, kind of like pressing restart on a computer. Fortunately this time, my heart went back into rhythm after about an hour. I was allowed to go home, but now must contact a cardiologist. A younger brother has this and now has a pacemaker. Don't want that.

So, now it is time to sleep. Sleep well readers one and two.

I hope to get to my ideas on the meaning of racism and why the right doesn't seem to get it later this week.


Aaron said...

Whoah, man!

Get some rest, or whatever you need to make sure the ticker keeps ticking.

Billiam said...

You'd best take care of yourself, pal. I don't like it when friends are sick or in pain. I want you around so's I can come see you and the family again. I know, I'm selfish. So sue me! I'll pray for your neighbor. I remember when my step-mom had a stroke. It wasn't pleasant...

Other Side said...

Hey guys, I'm alright. The blood work came back looking excellent, my blood pressure is great, cholesterol is in the normal range and xrays of my heart showed no damage, in fact it's very healthy ... except for the electrical wiring.

But thanks much. Your concern is very appreciated. Aaron, Bill ... we'll be having another backyard get-together this summer. Hope you can both make it. Will let you know.

Dad29 said...

Well, if you HAVE to get a pacemaker, stay away from junkyard electromagnets.

Take it easy, fella.

capper said...

Ya know, if your pacemaker concerns deal with money, Bill and I and some duct tape could probably figure something out. Otherwise, Other Side, get the bloody thing if you need it. You have some beautiful women in your life that need you more than anything else.

And if you die, I'll kick your ass.

Marcus Aurelius said...

Is it tachycardia?

My father's heart would do something like that from time to time. It would race and race and race, then sooner or later it would return to normal. Over the years he found a number of ways to stop it, but sooner or later the condition would resist more and more of those ways.

Eventually he had a procedure performed on him and he has not had an episode since (its been years now).

Essentially they had to map out his heart and they found the spot responsible for triggering his racing heart and then they essentially killed off the responsible tissue.

Other Side said...

Yes, in conjunction with an irregular heart beat.

Zach W. said...

Glad you're alright, OS. That's some scary stuff, even if everything's okay now.

tommcmahon said...

One more thing we have in common!