Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Supreme Injustice

Comment from Mike Gableman in today's JournalSentinel regarding his victory on the Supreme Court race:

"I recognize this is not a moment of individual victory . . . it's a victory for all the people across this state, all the good people who are dedicated to seeing justice done," Gableman said.

Ah yes. And then there are the rest of us, those not as good who constantly yearn for injustice. What an ass.


Anonymous said...

Yepp those that vigorously seek out loopholes to let guilty criminals free.

That would be injustice.

If Loophole Louie had found loopholes for the ass wipe cops that beat on Frank Jude, would you still support him??

Other Side said...

Justice Butler was doing his job to provide a vigorous defense for his clients when he was a defense attorney.

He was doing the same job ensuring that all who come to trial have their rights protected under the law.

His goal was not to release criminals as was baselessly claimed by your side, Clint. I'm stunned that you have so little regard for the Constitution of the United States.

Other Side said...

Speaking of the cops, the answer is yes if in anyway their rights had been violated.