Sunday, August 3, 2008

Solzhenistyn Dead

Aleksandr Solzhenistyn has died at the age of 89. His books documenting the horrors of the Soviet gulag system provided constant reminders [to me] why we fight against fundamentalist right-wing christian fanaticism, and its main enabler, conservatism. And why we fight fundamentalism everywhere in the world, whatever form it takes.


tommcmahon said...

Huh? Blogger must still be acting up. All your sequiturs seem to be non.

Dad29 said...

Solz'n diaried the effects of the Fascist/Communist (no difference) all-powerful State which is the objective of the Democrat Party and its fellow-travelers.

Other Side said...

Nice try, daddio. Goldberg's book has been almost universally lampooned by the serious people. You really should try to raise your reading level above sophomoric.

I couldn't disagree more, Tom. But funny, nonetheless.

Dad29 said...


I read Solzhenitsyn, not Goldberg.

Tom's right. You need something--carrots? Eye surgery? New Blogger?

Other Side said...

No, but you're taking your cues from Goldberg's book. You're too obvious, daddio.

Try original thought sometime.