Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tim Kisting: Conservative Genius Part Two

If this is you liberal cut and run cockroach, be very afraid, you have like 5 people looking at your blog, grow up, get a life, a job that pays more than 10.00 then become republican. I can crush you little cockroach, don't fuck with me!!!


What wa the implied threat? crack Rock. Thought so!! Maybe Mikey Plaisted would take your case LMAO. Come to my house if you think you have my address, but the buses lines don't come out this far for welfare losers like you with massive time on your hands. But if you step on my 1 acre lot with a 400k house on it, you won't make it back, but for a body bag

The above were two comments from Tim Kisting, a person who lives in New Berlin and has been featured previously on this blog. This is the final response to him; a very untypical conservative who has made two threats now against my life and will no longer be allowed to comment here.

Dear Tim, you're very proud of your 400K house and one acre lot. It does show how shallow your life must be to think that possessions are the mark of a man. Additionally, I will say you are just a bit off on how far I would need to travel to New Berlin and what mode of transportation I would need to take.

One more thing: the individual you mentioned above is not me. Though he does have a fine name.

[Blog note: There was an address included as part of the original comment. It has been deleted. Mr. Kisting thought it might be me].

In any case, I feel truly sorry for you. You seem like such an angry person and there is really no need to be so unhappy. You seem blessed with material worth. I hope you are able to find some other measure of satisfaction in your life because it is obviously not enough.

It is a shame that someone needs to be that confrontational to the point of trying to come across as threatening. Mr. Kisting has also commented erratically at Plaisted Writes. Many of us in the blogosphere, myself included, have said things in the heat of communicating that were unkind. But no one I know has stooped to this level locally – well, maybe mickey/gus.

No, not even him.

Anyway, enough is enough. He won't be allowed to comment here anymore and will be ignored, as he should be.

Besides, his grammar is absolutely atrocious.


Zach W. said...

Boy, who peed in his cornflakes?

Some people just have no sense of decency, but then again, the internet will make a tough guy out of just about anyone.

Dean said...

All I can say is thanks for calling him a very untypical conservative. Sheesh. Why do people act like this?

Zach W. said...

Dean, there's folks like that on both sides of the spectrum.

Other Side said...

There are indeed. This guy is just extreme. He is by no means indicative of conservativers. Those I know are pretty good folk.

He's invaded Mike Plaisted's place and got mad at me because I suggested Mike simply delete his comments.

grumps said...

He's not tremendously bright either. He posted his address and phone number over at Paul's place and dared Liberals to call him out.