Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Governor Palin Goes to School

In their continuing effort to make Gov. Sarah Palin appear “in the know” the GOP had the lovely governor meet with a number of world leaders and statesmen today in New York, which she correctly identified as being in the state of New York. Her first dignitary was Henry Kissinger, the aging former secretary of state. According to a pool report, the meeting got off to a rough start when, thinking Kissinger was a waiter, she asked him for a Perrier with a twist.

Having settled who was on the wait staff, Ms. Palin and Mr. Kissinger sat on blue couches, separated by an end table with photographs of President Nixon and President Reagan on it. As photographers were led in, Mr. Kissinger could be heard saying something to the effect that he had given someone “a lot of money for a hooker in Georgia.” According to a reporter who was allowed to watch, Kissinger then fell asleep.

“Good, good,’’ Ms. Palin was heard to say as she left. “And you’ll give me more insight on that, also, huh? Good.”

Ms. Palin's next stop was with President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan. Again from a pool report, their discussion apparently centered around the birth of his first child and electrical power, the latter considered a safe conversation because of her status as an energy expert. The President said his first child's name was “Mirwais,” which means “The Light of the House.” Palin responded by noting that in the United States many homes had more than one light. She added that she hoped more lights could be added with expanded drilling.

At this point the pool of journalists was escorted out.

Ms. Palin's final stop was with a Hispanic representative. Ms. Palin insisted on this meeting because she wanted to show she was aware of the border issues with Mexico despite the fact that Mexico cannot be seen from Alaska. As she left her meeting she offered words of encouragement: “Go Diego, Go."

Inspiration and photos from article "Palin in the City" by Michael Cooper.


grumps said...

I got Dale Earnhardt's autograph once but that doesn't mean I'm a racecar driver.

3rd Way said...

I can see the moon from my back yard, but for some reason I can't convince NASA to let me take their shuttle for a spin.

Damn those elitist astrophysists.

Other Side said...

Damn them!