Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Question for the Palins

Saw this in comment section at Media Matters:

I'm curious as to when the two love birds are going to get married. Why not get married before the child is born, so the child will not be born out of wedlock? Are they waiting first to see if the child is born?


Billiam said...

What's it matter? Honestly. I'm curious as to what it has to do with anything.

Other Side said...

It was just a question. And if you would note, I did not write it snarkily (is that even a word?). If Republicans are the party of moral values, why do they not seem to think those values apply to themselves.

Great seeing you this past weekend. Abby especially liked having you. She wondered the next day when you would be returning.

grumps said...

If McCain loses then Young Levi is off the hook and he can go about spreading his seed as he sees fit.

John Foust said...

Maybe Bristol will try to break Mom's record. When her water breaks, she'll jump on a plane for a three-stop, twelve-hour tour of Southeast Asia, then return to Juneau, then drive to Wasilla to have the baby at home.

Billiam said...

Wasn't implying any snarkyness. ;-) Who says they don't apply? The Palins are dealing with a situation that millions of families deal with every year. Just because a child does something that disappoints you, you don't abandon them. I know you wouldn't.

I also enjoyed it. I'll try to get down before Thanksgiving, and hopefully be able to spend more time. THAT would be great!