Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Silliness

Bruce Redenz of Badger Blogger wonders whether presidential candidate Barack Obama knew he was having his picture taken with Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore's son, Sowande A. Omokunde, on September 9, 2006. Redenz (referring to himself as Badger Blogger) writes this:
BadgerBlogger is inclined to wonder whether Mr. Obama was made aware of exactly whom he was standing next to when that photograph was taken. We tried to ask the question, but representatives of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and Wisconsin for Obama didn’t respond to repeated phone calls and e-mails inquiring about Obama’s presence in the photo.

Redenz' inference being whether Obama would still have had his picture taken with an individual who had been convicted of tire slashing (Redenz links to an article that reports the “tire slashers” have merely been charged, not convicted – such journalistic skills).

I don't know about you, but if I had been contacted by someone named Badger Blogger, Bruce Redenz of Badger Blogger, or even Bruce Redenz on behalf of Badger Blogger, and asked this obviously silly question, my inclination would be to ignore the noise and wonder, as we at The Other Side of My Mouth have speculated previously – Mr. Redenz really needs to get a life.


Zach W. said...

I don't take Bruce seriously after he said the economy couldn't be that bad, because the parking lots at the mall still looked pretty full.

Other Side said...

He fills his seriousness quota all by himself.