Monday, September 8, 2008

Liberal Bias My Ass

I can't watch any of the news programs anymore. They're either running scared from the righties, or they've swallowed their talking points.

So please, drop the liberal bias schtick. It's so unbecoming and such a lie. Glenn Greenwald, as usual, is right on with this post.

"... this episode demonstrates what Eric Alterman documented several years ago: that the greatest and most transparent myth in American politics is that the U.S. has a "liberal media." That is a myth that is maintained, first and foremost, by defining anyone who isn't Rush Limbaugh as a "liberal." Hence, people such as the wife of Bush official Dan Senor (Campbell Brown) is a "liberal," as is Alan Greenspan's wife (Andrea Mitchell), along with establishment-worshipers such as Rush-Limbaugh-admirer Brian Williams, right-wing-talking-points-spouting Charlie Gibson, and anyone who writes for the war-enabling New York Times and Washington Post. "


capper said...

How long have I been saying this?

Dad29 said...


And The Forehead is a Conservative because he's married to Matalin.

Best check your meds-labels before consuming them.

Other Side said...

He's not a journalist. Stick to the point.

Best check your meds-labels before consuming them.

And, gee daddio -- you're becoming less and less original. Kind of like the Fred Dooley of repitition.

So lame.