Thursday, June 5, 2008

Leaving Adolescence Behind?

There are those who have referred to blacks voting in overwhelming numbers for Barack Obama has evidence of bigotry. Small-mindedness aside, Kwabena Sam-Brew, a 38-year-old immigrant from Ghana would disagree:

"Tonight is the night that all Americans became one."
Indeed, this primary season has been a remarkable one. First, a former POW of the Vietnam War, Senator John McCain, captured the Republican nomination. Say what you will about his politics, it's refreshing to have someone from that era who actually served ascend to having a shot at the presidency.

Senator Hillary Clinton's run for the Demcratic nomination has been remarkable, too. She came within a whisker of capturing that nomination. Her fight has brought renewed hope to women that some day a female will actually take the reins of power.

And, what more can be said about Senator Obama's successful bid for the Democratic nomination? Wilhelmina Brown, I think, said it well:

“Not that we’re so distraught, but our children need to be able to see a black adult as a leader for the country, so they can know we can reach for those same goals. We don’t need to give up at a certain level.”
I believe this ... America grew up just a bit.

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illusory tenant said...

From the first link:

"The Dems are hung up on race."

Kind of a pointless comment, given that the Republicans ended up selecting a white man from a field of 11 white men.