Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cannot be Good News for McCain

While the McCain campaign (and my friend James Wigderson), continue to flail about hopelessly hoping that their smear attacks will make a difference, Obama has now bolted to a commanding five point lead in the popular vote according to FiveThirtyEight.com. In the Electoral College, Obama/Biden now leads the hapless McCain/Palin ticket 343.8 – 194.2.

The larger Obama's margin in the popular vote becomes (and over the course of the past several weeks, he's been gaining a full a point on McCain roughly every three days) the less the relative positioning of the states matters. For John McCain to get back into this race, he is going to need some dramatic events to occur, and we don't know in which types of states such events might have a differential impact; something like an outbreak of hostilities in the Middle East could make a very different electoral footprint than new revelations about Barack Obama and William Ayers.
What the electorate seems to be saying is that the attacks on Obama's character are failing. Voters are seeing through the McCain smokescreen and the Palin wall of incoherence. They appear to be deciding in ever greater numbers that it's time to put adults in charge of their government, leaving McCain/Palin to play dirty with the other playground brats.


Dad29 said...

Umnnnnhhhhh,....another premature mouth-ulation from you.

Polls will NOT show results on 'attack' politics for about another 3 days (or more.)

Other Side said...

Hardly think so ... the polls are already saying that the McCain/Palin smears are backfiring as Obama's lead increases more rapidly.

But you can daydream all you want, daddio. Speaking of mouthulations -- I think your Umnnnnhhhh qualifies as more of one. In any case, you've been ejaculating all over the local blogs for years. Some might even call that an -- gasp -- addiction. Be careful where you flap those lips.