Thursday, October 30, 2008

Situational Ethics -- Indeed

When does WTMJ squawk-host Jeff Wagner believe that a crime is not a crime?

According to Wagner, Darshane Morgan, the young woman who claimed to police and school authorities that she had been subjected to both verbal and physical abuse at West Bend East due to her race should be prosecuted because ... “a crime is a crime, even if it's committed by a 15-year old African-American girl.”

Wagner was notably silent when another nationally covered event occurred, and maintains his distance today with the announcement that Ashley Todd, the 20-year old white McCain supporter who falsely claimed a black Barack Obama supporter assaulted her and carved a “B” on her cheek will be released from jail and enter a probabtion prgram for first-time offenders.

Under the agreement, her criminal record will be expunged after if she stays out of trouble and gets mental treatment on probation. Most people spend a year on probation in the program, which is for first-time, nonviolent offenders.

"Our focus was really, 'This is somebody who appeared to have some mental issues,'" said prosecutor Chris Avetta. "And we wanted to make sure she doesn't hurt herself or anybody else."
No words of concern from Wagner for Ms. Morgan, an obviously troubled teen. It's no wonder a majority of Wisconsin voters decided that Wagner would be unsuitable as Attorney General back in 1994, relegating him to a second-rate position as Charlie Sykes' caddy at WTMJ. Obviously, the citizens of Wisconsin knew a crime when they saw one. Electing Wagner would have been prosecutable.


Peter said...


For whatever it's worth, if prosecutors cut the same deal for Darshane Morgan I'd have no problem with it. She is clearly a troubled young woman.

The other one was so nutty even the Roasted Paulnuts kicked her out.

Th-th-th-th-th-th-th-that's all, Folks!

Other Side said...

Really? She was a Ron Paul supporter?

Wagner disturbs me even more than Sykes. "Blandly malevolent" someone called him a long time ago. I can't remember who, but it fits him perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Wagner is a complete airhead.