Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just Sickening

A comment left at Plaisted Writes, where Mike has been forced to moderate comments because of the writer.

"Early morning, November 4th a shot rang out in the Chicago sky, the Newspapers shouted Obamas has died!!!!!!!Free at last from the socialist democrat joke, The liberals whined, the liberals cried, the rest of the country cheered! They said he has died, who gives a fuck about his pride, let him have his pride, he has died! Now capitalism has survived, and socilalism has also died. Obamas memory will survive as liberals are afraid to lie, they hold the line, afraid to cross the line, as they fear they may be next!! So this message is clear, for all to hear this socialists time is short, hope someone is out there for me to cheer, I hope someone not me, will take him out!! So this country can stay free.

Those are some great lyrics, LMAO

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Zach W. said...

There really are some sick people in the world.