Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dooley and Pals

Today begins a new feature on The Other Side of My Mouth: Dooley and His Pals (ages 2-7). It's dedicated to the often ironic, usually childish commentary at the hysterically misnamed Real Debate Wisconsin. All are welcome to contribute ( Here's today's first batch of playground witticisms.

What do you expect? Obama's just a street thug with a law degree. --Asian Badger

Libtardsavenothing. You are a failure. You've accomplished nothing in your life. You can bullshit till the cows come home (or in your case mom and mom) but you are a nobody. Libs are useless. --Gus/mickey

Barack Obama is a disgrace, as is anyone dumb enough to vote for our new Socialist Overlord. --Dooley

Allah-is-groovy, you are a lib troll because you are a lib troll. You know it, I know it we all know it. Your entire presence here is to piss people off with your disdain for Jesus. --Gus/mickey

Radzich, you are quite the toolbox....and an illeterate one. --Still unreal


John Foust said...

You forgot the best one, at the top: "Too often in today's political landscape discourse is kept among those who agree. This is not a blog to promote that. We discuss ideas here, we ask that you keep your tone in check and respect those who are willing to share." - Dooley

See, this is why I think good parody is a complex form.

"Why shouldn’t truth be stranger than fiction? Fiction, after all, has to stick to the possibilities." - Mark Twain

You can't make this stuff up, folks.

Other Side said...

Absolutely true, John. I read your piece at Burri's, too. It was masterful -- no irony intended.

Zach W. said...

I like to visit Fred's place and Right View Wisconsin when I need a good laugh or a break from reality.

capper said...

My favorite is Peter:

Open season on moonbats. No bag limit. I like that idea.;

The scary thing is, after reading what Jay wrote, I believe he would do something like that.

Other Side said...

Yeah, that's a shame. So much for trying to reach out. One can be rough in commentary -- advocating violence is quite another thing.

John Foust said...

Yes, was fun to imagine what the government workers would do in Galt's Gulch.

Aww, and here we thought Peter was getting all sensitive and contrite with his chihuahua apology. I suspected it wouldn't take long for him to return to his old misanthropic self. And it's not hard to find recent posts where friendly Wisconsinites suggest poisoning or killing those with whom they disagree.

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