Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Common Touch

Just to get an idea of how out of touch the Republican hierarchy is with its faithful lower-class sheep, and the rest of us, I went to the online store, Ann Taylor, to look at and get an dea of woman's apparel prices. I really don't know the cost of such stuff, so in an effort to reach the $150,000 apparently spent on Gov. Sarah Palin, I used the outfit creation menu, took the highest price in each category, multiplied that price by four and then assumed she would wear three suits a day for two weeks because of her grueling schedule inciting the bleating masses. The overall price does not include undergarments or jewelry.

Pumps: $472 each @ 48 pairs = $19,824
Scarves: $192 each @ 48 pieces = $8,064
Pleated v-necks: $176 each @ 48 pieces = $7,392
Flippy skirts: $432 each @ 48 pieces = $18,144
Jackets: $792 each @ 48 pieces = $33,264
Handbags: $912 each @ 48 pieces = $38,304

Total price = $124,992. Cool, left room for jewelry and underpants.

Wow. The RNC makes Imelda Marcos look like a spendthrift. Thanks for that common touch. I'd be surprised if my wife spends that much in ten years.


Thurmlee said...

You forgot the lipstick! Gotta have lots of that!

Now that you mention it, I never recall hearing how much any male candidate spends on their wardrobe (with the exception of some $400 haircuts). It would be nice to have some point of reference to compare it to.

Other Side said...

Hi Tony: That's funny. It's also funny how I've now read that comment (about haircuts and male wardrobes) five separate times the past two days. Hmmm. Good to see the talking points are getting out. :)

Seriously, I think $150,000 is a bit much, don't you? Even without a point of reference. I mean, I can understand dressing up for the campaign, but that's a bit ridiculous.

Oh, I can't resist this: Edwards paid the price (so to speak) for his haircut. Ar ar ar.