Wednesday, October 8, 2008

John McCain: Enabler of Fraud

Keating Economics is a smashing indictment of John McCain and the extent to which he doesn't care about the American people, at least those making less than $250,000 a year. From day one he has been the champion of de-regulation, the cause of the Keating massacre and today's problems. To say now that's not true is a lie.

Furthermore, all Republicans and conservatives are just as guilty of fraud as McCain. They have enabled this behavior and those who are in office deserve to be voted out, and those who have enabled them from the sidelines (like local conservative bloggers) should be forced to pay what the rest of us are going to be stuck with – the bill for Republican greed.


Billiam said...

K OS, you can take off the Partisan hat now. McCain was cleared in Keating. BOTH parties have screwed this economy. If you could look in a 2 way mirror, you'd see your DEms and REpubs are the same. No one is lilly white in this campaign, nor are any of them free of guilt from screwing up the economy. I wish you'd get that through your head.

Other Side said...

He may have been cleared, but he could have put a stop to it at any time. It also shows his lack of good judgement -- he was for de-regulation then and even after the S%L collapse continued to be for de-regulation even though it eventually led to the current economic mess.

You know, the hell with they both did it. One must make a stand somewhere. Republicans have been in virtual control of all levels of government for almost 12 years. They have plundered, lied, and accused fellow Americans of treason for simply voicing dissent. They've launched us into two wars, doubled the national debt, and have moved us closer to totalitarian rule than at any other time in our history.

They are largely responsible for the partisan rancor present in modern American politics. I say to hell with them.

And, as someone who calls himself a member of neither party, I would think you would understand this.

btw: Nice picture.

Crawford's Take said...

McCain was NOT cleared of doing anything wrong...

He turned informant and was cleared of not KNOWING he was doing anything wrong.

That's a BIG difference. In one, nothing you did was wrong. In the other everything you did was wrong, you just supposedly were too stupid to know it.


Other Side said...

Really? I mis-heard then, because I could have sworn they said in the video he could have stepped in and done the right thing. Of course, with three kids and a dog flying around I'm surprised I didn't hear he was a founding father.

Thanks, Renee.

Dad29 said...

Bob Bennett, a Democrat, the Committee's lawyer. He unequivocally stated that there was NO REASON to indict McCain.

Further, that the only reason McCain was on the hook was otherwise---wait for it---it would be ALL DEMOCRATS who were crooks.

By the way, OS, I pay taxes. WTF you mean "Republicans" should pay for this? What do you call income taxes?

As far as I'm concerned, the Feds should simply remove all the personal property of all the 200 highest-earners at Bear, Lehman, Goldman, Lazard, and Merrill. ALL of it--houses, cars, clothing, furniture, and fixtures.

Let them start over, after 20 years in Club Fed.

Same for the same group at Fannie and Freddie.

Or we could just hang them all.

Other Side said...

Because I'm angry. Because I'm angry at 12 years of Republican rule that have nearly ruined this country. And you have helped enable that.

Dad29 said...

And I will CONTINUE to facilitate Republican rule, insofar as I am able.

Other Side said...

So you admit your goal is to continue efforts to ruin this country. I think that's called treason!